PVC Soft Film

PVC Soft Film

what is Soft PVC?

Soft PVC (Soft polyvinyl chloride) is made from polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers, as well as adjuvants such as stabilizers, lubricants, etc.
This particular material setting based soft PVC has a better elasticity, ie rubber-like soft
rubber and has, in contrast to an increased aging and weather resistance, and increased slip
resistance. The material is primarily for sealing purposes and can be used anywhere where it
really matters, using elastic and resistant to weathering parts.
Polyvinyl chloride is one of the most widely used in manufacturing and processing plastics.

Door Curtain

1.Advantages of PVC Soft Film:
UV proof for outdoor use
Chemical and corrosion resistance
Impact strength
Form-ability , low flammability
High rigidity and superior strength, reliable electrical insulation
2. Salient Features:
High transparency
High elongation at break
Optimum tensile strength to tolerate high tensions.
Consumption of high grade raw material in manufacturing process


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We have integral production lines for PVC Soft film, Calender and Extrusion technology. The Thicknesses of our PVC Soft film range from 0.05mm to 15mm, and width is from 100mm to 2300mm, which can satisfy our customers’ most needs. We can also provide Cut-to-Size service and processing service,if you need these services, please contact with me.


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