PVC Rigid Transparent Sheet with Both Masking

  • PVC Rigid Transparent Sheet with Both Masking
  • PVC Rigid Transparent Sheet with Both Masking
  • PVC Rigid Transparent Sheet with Both Masking

PVC Rigid Transparent Sheet with Both Masking

High transparency & super smooth surface processed dealing. Masking protecting no scratches less fish eyes, heat insulation and heat preservation

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Product Details of PVC Rigid Transparent Sheet

PVC Rigid Board Size by sheet : 915*1830mm ,1220*2440mm, 700*1000mm
Size by roll: 500-1500mm
Color : clear,transparent
Prouduct Range:

SIZEBYSHEET   915*1830MM,700*1000MM,1220*2440MM
DENSITY   1.36-1.38
 DENSITY  G/CM3  1.36-1.38


• high chemical stability,fine anti-fire,super-transparent.
• high UV.stabilized,good mechanical properties,high hardness and strength,
• well aging resistance,good selfextinguishing property and reliable insulativity.
• waterproof and has very good smooth surface,and is non deformable.
• Application:chemical industry,oil industry,galvanization,water purification equipments.
• Application: environment protection equipments,mine,medical appliance and so on.
• Certificate:SGS,ROHS.not contain 6p.
• Anti-stastic,anti-UV,anti-sticky

Production Line

PET film/sheet : ( the production process is the same as PVC film/sheet)

1. Preparing softened and melted PVC material, Feeding the melted plastic material into calender, so that the material is gradually calendered to be a (sheet) having a desired thickness;  

2. Sending the film (sheet) material into a water bath tank;  

3. Sending the cooled flexible plastic film (sheet) to pass a water removing equipment in which more than one soft rubber roller and metal roller cooperate with other supplemental water removing means;

4. Sending the plastic film (sheet) coming out of the water removing equipment to pass a series of heating rollers coated with water-absorbent material;

5. Winding up the plastic film (sheet) into rolls


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