• What is acrylic sheet?

    What is acrylic sheet?

    Acrylic, also known as specially treated plexiglass, is a replacement product of plexiglass. The light box made of acrylic has good light transmission performance, pure color, rich color, beautiful and flat, taking into account the two effects of day and night, long service life, and does not aff...
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  • What is PETG?

    What is PETG?

    PETG / Spectar® Co-polyester sheet is a thermoplastic sheet used in engineering applications. PETG offers the capability to produce complex shapes, precise details, deep draws and compound curves without worrying about durability. It’s easily formed, die-cut and punched. It brings increased...
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  • Why do people prefer to choose tablecloths made of PVC?

    Why do people prefer to choose tablecloths made of PVC?

    Eco-friendly Materials,made of premium heavy duty hard clear plastic table top protector cover mat pad, crystal acrylic kitchen table mat,dining room desktop protector,coffee table surface protector,pvc christmas tablecloth,dressing cabinet cover,end table cover mat,bathroom shelves protector,pet...
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  • What is PET sheet and What are its Advantages?

    What is PET sheet and What are its Advantages?

    PET (Polyethylene terephthalate ) is a general-purpose thermoplastic in the polyester family. Clear Rigid Pet Sheet is lightweight, strong and impact-resistant. It is often used in food processing machinery due to its low moisture absorption, low thermal expansion, and chemical resistant properti...
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  • Which is better used in food packaging,PET VS PVC

    Which is better used in food packaging,PET VS PVC

    PVC, PET, and PP? The age-old question for any industry is figuring out what plastic packaging to use. Each material all has its own unique benefits. Physically, PET and PVC have similar characteristics, but there are some key elements that PET is superior to its predecessor. It has higher therma...
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  • PVC Introduction

    PVC Introduction

    PVC is an amazing kind of plastic. Why do you call it amazing? Because it can be seen anywhere. Someone will ask: so where are they? They are in the market. Look at those beautiful colored promotion tage. That’s our offset printing material. The folding box, tablecloth, soft packing bag, cl...
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  • Use PVC rigid foam board to give stray animals a warm winter

    Use PVC rigid foam board to give stray animals a warm winter

    Have you ever seen those homeless animals on the street, in the park or beside the trash can? Some of them may be abandoned by once loved friends. Some of them may lose their way home. Whatever the reason is, they are now just friends who need help from us. Maybe we can’...
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  • PVC Film for Christmas Tree

    PVC Film for Christmas Tree

    Time flies! Year 2020’s Christmas Day will come after one month. At that time, we will celebrate with our family or friends! We give presents each other and decorate the Christmas tree. We will see many different beautiful Christmas Trees in the street, different color, different shape. We, Chang...
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  • What is Polycarbonate?

    What is Polycarbonate?

    Polycarbonate is a clear, transparent glazing material which provides 200 times more impact resistance than glass at only half the weight. Flat solid polycarbonate can be thermoformed, fabricated and cold curved for use in architectural rooflights, barrel vaults and specialist glazing application...
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  • Soft film tablecloth

    Soft film tablecloth

    More and more people prefer to wooden furniture, so do we. Wooden furniture is healthier to family members and makes people feel comfortable. However, when using the new table, we often come across some troubles: too hot or too cold food, as well as sharp objects will hu...
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  • HUISU QINYE acrylic products

    HUISU QINYE acrylic products

    Acrylic is a plastic manufactured using one or more derivatives of acrylic acid. Polymethyl Methacrylate acrylic, or PMMA, is one of the more widely used forms of acrylic due to its exceptional weatherability, strength, clarity and versatility. There are a variety of acrylic polymer grades availa...
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  • Christmas is coming soon, are you ready?

    Christmas is coming soon, are you ready?

    Christmas Day, on December 25, is one of the most festive Christian holidays in many countries around the world. But do you know how they celebrate that day? What should be prepared for that day? The Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer. Alm...
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